Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs. Forward: 8,883 STORE & BREEDING SHEEP, comprising 8,508 Store Lambs (Overall av £82.94) and 375 Breeding Ewes

Store Lambs
Store lambs today well sold with plenty of local purchasers ringside as well as purchasers from Wales, Cumbria, South Yorkshire and several Southern Counties. The overall average for 8,508 lambs presented and sold to a complete clearance came to £82.94, and included a much larger show of nearly 2,000 Mules and crossed lambs out of hill sheep.
Top price on the day came from TB Moorhouse, Dacre for his third prize pen of 25 Beltex lambs selling to £113. Smart lambs a nice trade with size definitely selling the best for the number 1 quality lambs. Best lambs £95-£108, but smarter smaller goods still into the £90’s.
First cross Texels with good skins £82-£88 for mediums and up a gear to £88-£94 for larger end short keep. Long term lambs with good skins mainly early £80’s. Long term first cross commercial type Texels sold around £74-£78 with mediums £80-£86.
Suffolks met a high demand for all classes with Long keep mainly £80-£84 mediums £86-£88 and Short keep lambs £90-£95 with a top price of £97 from SL&SD Lund, Litton for a pen of 50.
Mule and Masham Wethers sold well with purchaser’s keen for numbers. Mr F. Sowerby of Halton Gill sold a ring full of 220 Mule Wethers in one hit, suitable for medium to long keep and they made £73. Large Mule Wethers for short keep were £76-£84 with a top price of £89 from JW Sayer & Son Harrogate. W Richardson & Son, Dufton sold 111 Mules in one lot to make £83.50 who also sold a smaller batch at £84. Other good pens included a strong batch of 50 from JC White Horton in Ribblesdale at £86, and AM&HV Brown of Leyburn also made £84 of a trailer full. Alec Lambert of Bainbridge in Wensleydale topped the Masham wethers at £84.50. Next Sale is the main Show & Sale for pens of 50 Mule Wethers, and a large entry is required as usual for this special Annual sale with travelled buyers requiring numbers.
A few pens of Cheviot cross lambs coming forward and these were well bid for, in line with similar size Continentals.

Breeding Ewes
A smaller entry of Breeding Sheep today got away nicely, with a good mix of Suffolk cross, Continental cross and Mule Ewes forward for sale. Older correct 3 & 4 crop Continental sheep generally £130’s and £140’s with a few plainer sorts in the £120’s. Mules saw better end of 3 crop correct ewes topping £148 from D&J Coates, older correct sheep mainly £130’s to £140.

Next Sale for BREEDING SHEEP (2shr plus) & RAMS is on Friday 20th August, entries will still be open tomorrow with Ballot and catalogue done on Friday morning. Phone the office with last minute entries.
The main sale for GIMMER SHEARLINGS is on Tuesday 23rd August and entries close next Monday at 4pm.

Next Sale is Wednesday 25th August
An Entry of 10,000 to 12,000 head of Store Lambs is expected.
Entries close Monday 16th August
Inc Prize Show for pens of 50 Mule Wethers

Best Pen of 25 Beltex Lambs
1st A Haggas sold for £105
2nd MJ Wells sold for £107
3rd TB Moorhouse sold for £113

Suffolk – Av £87.23
£97 SL&SD Lund; £94 F Reeday & Son; £93 C&RH Weatherhead; £93 £91 CA Foster; £92 MJ&C Thornber; £91.50 J Hirst;
Texel – Av £83.40
£100 TB Moorhouse; £98 £95.50 RJ Gardt; £96 JW Sayer; £95.50 JI M MP Greenwood; £94.50 J Sugden; £94 CJ&J Harker; £93.50 CJ Wardell;
Mule – Av £75.17
£89 JW Sayer; £86 JC White; £84.50 A Newbould; £84 £83.50 W Richardson; £84 AM&HV Brown; £77.50 E Whittle; £77.50 DM White;
Charolais – Av £75.20
£79.50 AG Horn; £71.50 C&M Crawshaw;
Beltex – Av £90.10
£113 TB Moorhouse; £107 £102 MJ Wells; £106 AJ Haggas; £106 W Richardson; £106 £104 BR Lawson; £104 £101 J Sugden;
Masham – Av £81.90
£84.50 £80.50 A Lambert;
Cheviot – Av £76.35
£82 £71.50 Grain Farms;
Lleyn – Av £73.11
£76 £73.50 £72 West Berwick;
Zwartable– Av £75.25
£80 £61 J&A Stevenson;

375 Breeding Sheep
Suffolk 2 crop to £145 SR Dorey
Suffolk 3 crop to £138 GW Houseman
Texel 2 crop to £155 av £132 RH&MR Ireland
Texel 3 crop to £138 High Harbour
Texel Crct to £145 GW Houseman
Mule 2 crop to £148 av £144 D&J Coates
Mule 3 crop to £140 av £132 D&J Coates
Mule Crct to £135 JR&DL Ogden
Cheviot 2 crop to £130 RH&MR Ireland
Masham 2 crop to £120 SR Dorey
Charollais 3 crop to £142 GW Houseman
Charollais Crct to £145 SR Dorey
Blue Texel Crct to £110 AS&RC Parnaby

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