Opening Fortnightly Catalogue Sale of Store Lambs Forward: 4,572 Head (Overall av £85.32)

A great opening fortnightly sale of Store Lambs took place at Skipton Auction Mart on Wednesday where an increased entry of lambs were quickly cleared, aided by a large ringside of travelled customers looking for sheep to graze grassland countrywide, where keep is in better supply than some previous years, producing an overall selling average of £85.32 per head, an increase of £11.78 per head on the year, probably aided by what was thought to be a better show of lambs this year.
The Prize Show for pens of 40 or more Lambs was kindly judged by Mr N Bowen, Herefordshire and the awards were as follows:

1st CM Ryder 40 Texel @ £99

2nd JGE Heseltine 40 Beltex @ £99

3rd S Robinson 40 Suffolk @ £95.50

Strong short to medium keep runs finding buyers favour, helped along by a better than usual seasonal prime sheep trade. However it was the medium to long keep lambs that were in best demand as the large crowd were eager to secure lambs from this noted sale, especially large level lots. R&VJ Brown Malhamdale presented a run of young late April & May born Continentals, amongst them the largest pen on the day being 130 Continentals for longer keep at £77 each, the next largest lot being from AE Schindler with 127 medium keep Texel crosses at £87 each. Smart pens generally in smaller batches, with the sale leader being Andrew Haggas of Otterburn with 40 Texel Beltex at £108 each. This price was equalled by Ian Brown of Marske near Richmond for a pen of 10 Beltex crosses who sold others at £100. Michael & Elaine Dugdale of Gigglewick had two pens top side of £100, joined by pens from Mick & Cath Briggs of Malhamdale and M Stock of Hebden Bridge. A pen of 40 lambs presented by John Swainson on behalf of Mrs R Capstick of Horton in Ribblesdale sold at £99.50.
Buyers as usual looking for lambs of all qualities, and not put off by good large level lots of 50 to 100 or more with numbers required by many ringside. Mule wethers especially in good demand for early season.
Demand if good at the moment and so a large show required for the next sale please. Speak to Auctioneer Ted Ogden or Kyle Hawksworth for more details.

There was a good atmosphere in the mart today to start off the new season, as more people now return following lockdown to conduct business and watch the days proceedings at sales, and take advantage of "The Gather", a new enlarged concourse area between the sale rings where customers can sit for a brew and a chat with friends, or discuss business with an array of sponsors and local business's there. There is a cafe bar located here too for snacks and drinks to make it a good meeting place. 



Next Sale is Wednesday 28th July  
Entry of 6,000/7,000 head expected.

Entries close Monday 19th July


Inc Prize Show of Down x Lambs (Robert Morphet Memorial Trophy)
Also Early Sale of 600 Breeding Ewes & Rams




Suffolk – Av £87.92

£96 £90 M Parker; £95.50 SA Robinson; £91 J Fortune; £90 Swinbank & Briggs; £89 NW&L Moorhouse;   

Beltex – Av £92.26

£108 AJ Haggas; £108 £100 £99 ID Brown; £104 £100 WM&E Dugdale; £99.50 Mrs R Capstick; £99 JGE Heseltine;

Texel – Av £84.56

£105 £100 M Stocks; £103 Swinbank & Briggs; £99 CM Ryder; £98 A Brown; £98 AJ Ogden; £98 JME&C McKenzie;

Mule – Av £71.31

£78 £77.50 B Gillam; £75 AJ Mason; £68.50 C&M Crawshaw; £68 R&VJ brown; £68 MJ Gray;  

Charolais – Av £80.05

£87 JT Croft; £79 Mac Iveson; £78 J Fortune;

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