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Archive Sale Reports

MARKET REPORT - Monday 1st April

50 PRIME CATTLE comprising 7 Cattle (under 30mos), 2 Clean Cattle (over 30mos), 41 Cast Cattle 2,449 PRIME SHEEP comprising 2,168 Prime Hoggs, 281 Cast Ewes & Rams 28 REARING CALVES 375 EWES & LAMBS 10 LOADS OF PRODUCE

Market Report – Monday 25th March 2013

FORWARD: 10 PRIME CATTLE comprising 10 Cast Cattle 2,599 PRIME SHEEP comprising 28 Spring Lambs, 2,317 Prime Hoggs, 254 Cast Ewes & Rams 65 REARING CALVES 127 EWES & LAMBS 6 LOADS OF PRODUCE

Market Report – Wednesday 20th March 2013

Fortnightly sale of young feeding bulls, store bullocks & heifers, breeding cattle inc annual spring show & sale of young bulls Forward: 619 head of cattle comprising: 269 young feeding bulls, 337 bullocks & heifers, 13 breeding cattle

Market Report – Monday 18th March 2013

FORWARD: 32 PRIME CATTLE comprising 2 Clean Cattle (Over 30 mos), 30 Cast Cattle 3,302 PRIME SHEEP comprising 3,003 Prime Hoggs, 299 Cast Ewes & Rams 48 REARING CALVES 52 DAIRY CATTLE 6 LOADS OF PRODUCE 2,385 BALES OF PRODUCE

Market Report – Saturday 16th March 2013

CCM Auctions held their March Agri-Trader Auctions and Saturday Collective Livestock Sale at Skipton Mart on 16th March. The Livestock section was one of the best supported yet with 112 head of stirks and 100 head of ewes with lambs at foot forward for sale. In the sale yard and car park there were 2,049 lots forward for sale in the various sections with a very good trade for various items of large machinery. Anything sheep/ lambing time related or muck handling equipment were very much in demand. With 664 separate vendors and purchaser’s onsite today this created a wonderful spring time atmosphere at this very popular sale. FORWARD: 112 Stirks, Weaned Calves & Young Store Cattle 223 Breeding & Store Sheep and Ewes with Lambs at foot 8 Goats & 2 Ponies 330 Lots of Poultry & Waterfowl 135 Lots of Hatching eggs and Poultry Equipment 565 Lots of Machinery, Farm Implements and Builders Plant 851 Lots of general items of reclaim, salvage and timber 168 Lots of Furniture, Household items and collectables

Market Report – Monday 11th March 2013

FORWARD: 50 PRIME CATTLE comprising 2 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 9 Clean Cattle (over 30mos), 39 Cast Cattle 3,525 PRIME SHEEP comprising 3,266 Prime Hoggs, 259 Cast Ewes & Rams 36 REARING CALVES 13 LOADS OF PRODUCE


MARKET REPORT - PEDIGREE LLEYN SHEEP:: 1081 head of Registered Lleyn Sheep CCM Auctions held the Annual Sale of MV Acc Registered LLeyn Sheep at Skipton Mart on Thursday. The quality end of sheep were a reasonable trade, but the more commercial end of sheep were much harder to place than last years sale.

Market Report – Wednesday 6th March 2013

Fortnightly sale of young feeding bulls, store bullocks & heifers, breeding cattle Forward: 570 head of cattle comprising: 190 young feeding bulls, 323 bullocks & heifers, 57 breeding cattle

Press Report - Monday 4th March 2013

Local vendors bag top Craven Dairy Auction honours

Market Report – Monday 4th March 2013

FORWARD: 43 PRIME CATTLE comp 6 Clean Cattle (under 30 mos), 5 Cattle (under 48 mos), 32 Cast Cattle 3,198 PRIME SHEEP comp 2,878 Prime Lambs, 320 Cast Ewes & Rams 52 REARING CALVES 34 DAIRY CATTLE 206 BREEDING & STORE SHEEP Comp 57 Ewes with 95 Lambs at foot also 54 Store Hoggs 9 LOADS OF PRODUCE

Market Report – Wednesday 27th February 2013

Forward: 864 head of Store & Breeding Sheep comprising of 602 Store Lambs & 262 In Lamb Sheep CCM Auctions held their final Wednesday sheep sale of this season where there was a nice entry presented. Store Hoggs were good to sell with trade rising in line again with the improved prime trade, The best end of the Texel’s making £60 plus. Included in today’s sale was a dispersal of 220 Swaledale Ewes on behalf of the family of the Late Mr Derek Appleton of Hebden. The ewes were presented in fine bloom and with correct sheep topping at £127 each averaging £88.87 scanned 148%, whilst the ewes, udders only, averaged 61.56.

Market Report – Monday 25th February 2013

FORWARD: 55 PRIME CATTLE comprising 8 Cattle (under 30 mos), 9 Cattle (under 48 mos), 38 Cast Cattle 3,040 PRIME SHEEP comprising 2,713 Prime Lambs, 327 Cast Ewes & Rams 24 REARING CALVES 2 LOADS OF PRODUCE

Market Report – Wednesday 20th February 2013


Market Report – Monday 18th February 2013

FORWARD: 55 PRIME CATTLE comprising Cattle (under 48 mos), Cast Cattle 3784 PRIME SHEEP comprising 3230 Prime Lambs, Cast Ewes & 554 Rams 46 REARING CALVES 23 DAIRY CATTLE 8 LOADS OF PRODUCE MONTHLY FODDER & CROP SALE- 1965 Bales (730 Bales Sold)

February Sale of Working Sheepdogs 15/02/2013 Report

Magnificent Marchup litter produces another top price at Skipton. Broken dogs from quality breeding lines led the trade at the winter sale of working sheep dogs at CCM Skipton. (Friday, Feb 15)